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Oct 16

Cloud computing has unmatched benefits when it comes to storage. Especially, health care providers use a lot of cloud computing for storing the medical records of the patients because it becomes very easy for them to access the records of the patients whenever they need it. Health care records that are stored in cloud storage can be accessed through any device as well, this allows health care professionals to share information among themselves in no time at all. But often the health care professionals are in doubt whether the storage they are using to store the health records of their patients is HIPAA compliant cloud storage, they also wonder whether the cloud environment that they are using is secure enough to transfer and receive the sensitive protected health information.

For facilities, specialist's offices and other organisations associated with health care, keeping the patient's data safe is not only a moral but a legal responsibility as well. The HIPAA regulations indicate the guidelines through which individuals associated with health care should be careful while handling and storing Protected Health Information. Any organisation related to healthcare should only use HIPAA compliant cloud storage to comply. The individuals and organisations associated with health care should take the help of providers who are experienced in cyber security like Green Wheel IT to ensure whether the storage they are using is HIPAA compliant.

HIPPA compliant cloud storage - Best Cloud Storages that support HIPAA

●    Dropbox Business: Dropbox Business offers potential clients a Business Associate Agreement and this cloud storage software can be configured by technical experts from the best managed IT services like Green Wheel IT to make it a HIPAA compliant cloud storage. This cloud storage has a two-step security feature that allows review and removal of devices being linked to the storage.

●    G-Suite and Google Drive: Google not only offers a BAA but also a definitive G-suite agreement that their clients have to sign before they could use Google Drive or any other G-Suite applications. Related applications with Google Drive like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides and most importantly Google Mail can all be configured for HIPAA compliance so that protected health information can be both shared and stored.

Many devices could be used as storage but to make it HIPAA compliant cloud storage you need the help of experienced IT professionals from reputed organisations like Green Wheel IT so that the two-step security authentication while signing on and the encryption of messages are activated and the file-sharing permissions are also configured