CHENGDU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2021 / Eoptolink Technology Inc., Ltd (SZSE: 300502) today announced the launch of its 800G transceiver portfolio. The portfolio includes both EML and SiPh-based solutions.
Due to the rapid development of cloud, AI and 5G applications, the demand for network bandwidth has increased and therefore data center networks will need to be upgraded to 800G and 1.6T in the near future. Eoptolink’s 800G portfolio, which consists of AOCs and SM transceivers, is available in OSFP and QSFP-DD800 form factors. The modules work with 8x 112 Gbps PAM4 signals on the electrical host interface and support CMIS 4.0 and higher. The portfolio consists of:

EOLO-138HG-5H-SM 800G OSFP, 8x100G DR, MPO-16
EOLO-138HG-02-SM 800G OSFP, 8x100G FR, MPO-16
EOLO-168HG-02-X 800G OSFP, 2x400G FR4, Dual CS or LC
EOLD-138HG-5H-SM 800G QSFP-DD, 8x100G DR, MPO-16
EOLD-138HG-02-SM 800G QSFP-DD, 8x100G FR, MPO-16
EOLD-168HG-02-X 800G QSFP-DD, 2x400G FR4, Dual-CS

EOLO-8HG-PCT-XX (OSFP) and EOLD-8HG-PCT-XX (QSFP-DD800) are AOCs for transmission distances of up to 30m.

EOLO-138HG-5H-SM (OSFP) and EOLD-138HG-5H-SM (QSFP-DD800) are DR8 compliant, while EOLO-138HG-02-SM (OSFP) and EOLD-138HG-02-SM (QSFP- DD800.)) Are DR8 + -compliant and support transmission distances of up to 2 km. The DR8 / DR8 + modules have MPO-16 interfaces and support 800G, 2x400G and 8x100G applications. In breakout applications they can be connected to 2x 400G DR4 / DR4 + or 8x 100G DR1 / FR1 transceivers.

EOLO-168HG-02-X (OSFP) and EOLO-168HG-02-X (QSFP-DD800) support 2xFR4 applications. QSFP-DD800 has two CS connectors, each of which carries a 400G FR4 interface. The OSFP version is available with either a dual CS or LC interface.

The 800G OSFP transceivers have already been tested on 800G switch platforms and showed good performance.

“This is a big step forward in moving towards 112 Gbps electrical interfaces in the host ASICs,” said Sean Davies, director of sales for the Americas at Eoptolink. ‘It enables our customers to further increase density, reduce costs per bit and reduce power consumption. 800G is the logical next step for the cloud data center. We believe that pluggable optics will continue to provide maximum flexibility for OEM / ODM switch suppliers and their customers, and we look forward to being at the forefront of this development. ‘

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