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Resources For Women In Tech

Aug 3

Report on women in technology

resources for women in tech

There are many organizations that track the number of women in tech. Here are some reports from agencies and universities that have compiled statistics about the status of women in the workforce

It’s encouraging to see how much progress has been made over the past few decades, but there is still more work to do!

More than 40% of computer professionals are men, and it’s well documented that fewer female students are choosing software engineering as a career.

If we want to achieve equal representation, we need to start by making ourselves better candidates for Software Engineering jobs.

There are several ways to improve your chances of getting a job:

Learn something about programming; learn basic concepts like information organization, object-oriented analysis, inform design, algorithmic thinking, and data structures.

Find out what skills companies look for when hiring someone, and promote yourself as having those skills.

Participate in community events organized around helping people in technical fields (find these online).

Don’t forget that you’re also responsible for keeping yourself informed by reading news articles and other resources for women in tech.


Girl geek out

resources for women in tech

If you’re still unsure if you want to get into tech, take one of these steps.

They’ll help you figure out what skills you have that are unique to you and learn more about the industry.

You can even apply to jobs through various social media platforms.

There are many free resources available including twitter chat threads at and facebook fan pages like enough. There are also student run websites like and You can ask questions and talk with other students about their experiences being female in technology-related fields.

These conversations can help make you feel less alone. Talking with others who “get it” can directly make you feel better.

It can also help keep you engaged going forward. Many people start coding as teenagers because they choose programming over football because she wants to play with numbers instead of staying inside and playing games.

Become interested in science and math if you don’t already know them. Those subjects are very important, no matter what you decide to do in life.

Consider joining clubs related to those topics or finding online communities so you can spend time learning there.


Cup of empowerment

resources for women in tech

Here are some resources that have questions/topics related to women’s rights, equality, health, and more.

There are many organizations working towards gender equity across multiple industries, including tech. These include National Women’s Foundation (NWF) and American Association of University Women (AAUW).

The NWF offers tools and information to understand the barriers to professional development within your organization as well as outside factors that may be keeping women from advancing.

You can find state-specific data, research recommendations, and other tools on their website at

The AAUW has historical and current data on female leadership regarding wages, office actions, technology choices, and education. Their Leadership Development Program encourages women to seek positions of authority and responsibility.


Biz nats: the female entrepreneurship society

The Girls’ Club is a community of women who want to support other women as they start or expand their businesses.

There are many events throughout the year that promote opportunities for girls and women.

The society promotes creativity, confidence and communication skills along with business acumen.

This helps people develop their businesses into places they can be proud of.

Members also receive access to a wide network of other females and companies that can help grow your business.

People come from all over to attend their weekly meetings, so if you need assistance getting started, this is the place to do it. There are several branches across Canada, and others around the world. Find one near you here.


Tech in the city

If you live in the city, there are several ways to experience technology. You can take part in tech tours led by organizations such as Girls Geeks Denver and GeekGirlCon. These events aim to inspire girls through social engagement and education. There are also weekly hack days at Popular Mechanics Chamber of Commerce where people can learn how to code.

If you're looking to volunteer or give back, check out Open Houses, which helps kids get involved into digital culture. Or look into Who What When Foundation's free workshops aimed at young women.

These ways to use technology can help make you feel more comfortable around it. Try going to cafes that have strong Wi-Fi networks so you can avoid spending money browsing online shops.

And if you plan to visit another city, find places that offer free internetso you don't need to pay for data plans.

There are hundreds of resources to organize your trip, from blogs and videos to books and apps. Check out Google Maps to find restaurants, museums, and other things to do.


Women in tech networking group

resources for women in tech

It’s hard to achieve anything if you don’t connect with other people. Networking is something that all humans do, but because we are in tech, it’s more important than ever. To get things done, you need others who can help promote your ideas and work.

Finding time to network is not easy, but it’s an essential part of success. The best way to accomplish this is by establishing networks made up of fellow like-minded individuals.

These people may be able to help you get what you want by helping you develop relationships and offering advice. Furthermore, there are many free resources available for anyone wanting to learn about building professional connections.

It’s impossible to have a strong relationship (professional or personal) without connecting with people. We live in a connected world, so making opportunities to do so is a must.

Try going to events hosted by influential companies and institutions, like yours, that support women in tech. Or start your own club or organization for women in tech. You can reach out to other organizations to include women in their events and initiatives.

Or simply hang around open houses, after hours chats, and community gatherings where there are lots of people and no men trying to have conversations. This will let you make friends and join groups that focus on issues related to gender equality.


Hire women

resources for women in tech

If you want to recruit more women in your company, one of the most important things you can do is to stop using tech as a gender-identified group. When people talk about “women’s careers” they’re thinking about a woman with a job, an income, and possibly children (who are also generally given jobs that pay less).

There’s very little you can do to shift the overall sexism in the technology field, but you can start by doing something simple like saying when you ask someone about a job opening, then telling them which candidate has the best chance of getting the job done.

And while we’re talking about chances, how many times have you heard or said somebody couldn’t do something because they were not male or female?


The girls of code

Over 2 million women work in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields worldwide. But only 26% say they are satisfied with their jobs.

If you feel like you’re being held back by your job, then we want to help! That’s why we created the Girls Of Code program. We know that young people can grow up thinking STEM is not cool or important – but it’s so crucial to our world right now.

The more women in tech, the better everyone is. When companies have equal opportunity for employment for men and women, they become more successful, less sexist organizations.

Tech isn’t just about computers; it’s about innovation and creating new products, systems, and processes. It’s about getting out there and trying new things.

Women need opportunities to do this at an early age, and Girls Of Code provides them with that knowledge base. If you start when you’re eight, you will be ready to go into high school and beyond.

Given the importance of women in tech, wouldn’t it make sense to invest in kids’ education? They’ve got forever to learn these subjects, while you still have time to put resources into them.

That’s how generations of youth grew up to be “techies.” Now it’s your turn.