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Earbuds: Why the Bum Reputation?

Mar 8

There are two common complaints about in-ear headphones, hissing at low volumes and sound transfers.  The hissing at low volumes is a biproduct of in-ear headphones being very sensitive.  It simply means it takes less power output to drive the headphones. More specifically, high sensitivity allows the in-ear headphones to be loud at low power consumption levels. They do this to accommodate the low power output of portable devices which they are often used with. To alleviate this problem, there is a product out there called an in-line resistor which may help, but it is not a cure-all (Click Here).

Sound transfer stems from the fact that the headphone is in your ear canal and the slightest sounds are amplified. Simple sounds including the wire brushing up against your clothes or even chewing are often heard through the headphones. To curtail some of these issues, many in-ear headphones have shirt clips to minimize clothes rubbing and taking your headphones out while eating is a good idea as well.

All in all In-ear headphones are a great purchase for portable use. Although they do have their setbacks, the benefits greatly outweigh the cons. Some of the best ones can be found here. There are tons of user reviews to be read there as well. The recommendations I have up top are my top picks and I stand by the fact that purchasing any one of those will result in a great bang for the buck. Don't forget about earbud headphones though they are an excellent alternative to full-blown in-ear headphones. This is a common misconception shared by many people who consider earbuds lower-end headphones. But hey, what do those people know, anyway? Click Here

Earbud vs. In-Ear

First, I must differentiate earbuds from other in-ear headphones, lest you become confused about the two. Earbuds do go into your ear, but not actually into your ear canal. Instead, they rest just on the outside of the ear canal. Now, moving along with more on earbuds and in-ear canal headphones. In-Ear Canal Headphones do exactly as their name implies---go into your ear canal. Some models go in deeper than others, depending on the model.

While it’s true that there is only a wee, small difference between earbud headphones and in-ear canal headphones, here’s the kicker: that one little difference drastically affects how much noise is blocked, along with comfort and the sound signatures produced.

Earbuds: Why the Bum Reputation?

In my research, I've found that earbuds tend to have a bad reputation for one main reason: The cheapo pair of headphones thrown in by the manufacturer with your purchase of a portable music player purchase are plain, unadulterated crapola.Seriously, they’re truly low quality and something that you would never pay for if buying separately.

You got an iPod because you wanted portable sound. But is it really necessary to sacrifice sound quality for mobility? Unfortunately, the headphones included as part of a package deal with a portable audio device are, as mentioned, above…crappy. Since these low-end types are often the only experience people have with earbuds, it has given them a bad reputation they don’t deserve!

Honestly, take it from me: there is no legitimate reason to give earbuds a bum rep. It is all just a big misunderstanding.