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Why Buy Headphones For A TV?

Mar 4

Headphones for television use are an excellent addition to your home audio repertoire. Why's that? Ever had problems hearing whispering or dialogue in general? Constantly have background noise when trying to watch tv (kids playing,airplanes,neighbors mowing)? Maybe you just want to stay up a little later than the rest of the house and don't want to keep anyone awake. Whatever your reason is, headphones for tv use can make your tv listening experience better.

How So?

  • Block out background noise so you can hear what you want to#
  • Stop sound from leaking out so you can still hear the TV and not keep anyone awake
  • Take your sound with you via wireless television headphones(even to the fridge)
  • Sound Quality focused on reproducing explosions, dampening screams, and clarifying dialogue
  • Can you explain further and maybe suggest what make a good pair of headphones?

Say no more....

Blocking out the noise

If you want a pair of headphones that are good for tv use and block outside noise out...get a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

In my opinion your best bet will be passive noise cancelling headphones in the form of full-size circumaural headphones that are closed backed.This type of headphone does have a different sound signature than open backed headphones, but can still sound great.They will also help you hear the tv much better in the presence of background noise because we all know its hard to focus on the tv when there's all kinds noise going on around you.Closed backed headphones are also the best way to keep sound from leaking out, so if that's your main concern, focus your efforts there.
What about open backed headphones?

Open backed headphones in most peoples opinion sound better, however this is a matter of opinion.Some people ask the question if the don't block out noise or keep sound in...then why not just use speakers?Well, there are still advantages including: a more intimate experience, a different sound signature, improved dialogue clarity, and that they are still quiter than speakers.


I strongly recommend wireless headphones for tv because having a cord running across the family room floor is not just an inconvenience, but a safety concern.Additionally, having the freedom to go to the kitchen, let the dog out, or follow an infant around the house and still hear the movie/television is a huge bonus.Not to mention you could potentially use these with your home stereo as well and listen to music/radio while doing yard work outside...Who needs an mp3 player anyways?Yes, sound quality is sacrificed and yes, static interference can be an issue with some sets. However, movies and television are not demanding sources of audio so good pairs of wireless television headphones reproduce sound just as good or better than your tv.

Sound Quality

As I mentioned, headphones for tv don't have a tough job because television isn't a demanding source. This accounts for the often smaller frequency response ranges headphones for tv are capable of reproducing. However, as a trade off these headphones are often better at making you feel explosions, minimizing shrilling screams, and amplifying whispered dialogue.